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Lazy Day in Osaka

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It was a very lazy day today. Justin and I went to bed very late last night and Justin barely got any sleep at all because he was feeling pretty sick all night. Unfortunately, that meant that we stayed pretty low key today instead of exploring the city like we had planned. With all of the different food, different hygiene situations, and insane travel days, Justin and I seemed to switch back and forth between not feeling well. Since we have another long travel day tomorrow evening, it was probably best to hang out and relax today to recuperate for our trip back to Hawaii. I can't believe the family/honeymoon is almost over!

Justin slept for most of the day, and I went on a Netflix binge :) I went out mid afternoon to pick up some snacks for myself and some Japanese-like gatorades before heading back to the apartment to check up on hubby. I played nurse all day and got Justin out of the house later at night once it was cooler outside and he was starting to feel slightly better. It was good for Justin to get some fresh air and I got to grab some food for dinner (Justin has declared he's on a liquid diet until he gets back to Hawaii). Nothing like some katsu chicken and rice from the supermarket! I also booked us an extra day in our apartment for tomorrow so we don't have to roam around the city until our redeye flight. Hopefully we'll get out of the house more during the day so we can see a little bit of the city. We'll keep you posted!

Kaela and Justin


Not too many pictures tonight!


Japanese hydration and a mini ginger ale :)

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Travel Day: Chiang Mai to Osaka

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I think we underestimated the amount of travel we'd be doing on this trip. So far it seems like we've spent far more time in airports than our entire 6 1/2 month trip combined and today's travel day added to that tally again! We started our morning off right around 7:30 a.m. to pack and clean up the apartment before taking a taxi to the airport at 8:30 a.m. We have a pretty solid routine at this point, so getting ready isn't too much of a hassle. At 8:25 a.m. the nice guys from the front desk called up to say the taxi was ready, so we did one last check around the apartment and headed to the airport.

The airport in Chiang Mai was super easy because we were only traveling domestically to start off. We got through security pretty quickly and grabbed a coffee once we made it through our gate. Justin and I were sitting in different rows again, but we still managed to get a quick nap in on the short flight to Bangkok. We arrived in Bangkok in no time and we were bracing ourselves for the long lines that we had faced two other times going through the immigration departure. However, to our surprise (on the one layover where we had more than enough time), there was barely anyone in line! We waited behind two other people before sailing through immigration and security.

We quickly found our gate, but went back out to search for some food. We settled on the trusted McDonalds that we'd visited once before. I found seats in the most chaotic mini food court I've ever been in while Justin waited in line to order some burgers. That line ended up taking FORTY minutes!!! Yup, you read that correctly...4-0 minutes. It was outta control! Once we finally got our food and scarfed it down we decided we should get some snacks for the flight to Osaka since you have to buy all the food onboard, and we wouldn't be arriving in Japan until after 10:00 p.m. local time. We moved our stuff out of the zoo/food court and I waited with the bags while Justin waited in line at Subway since it was such an easy snack to bring with us! While I was waiting at some of the chairs, minding my own business, four foreign women strolled on by and sat down in the three seats next to me. What happened next was one of the most bizarre experiences I've had traveling. The FOUR women squeezed into the THREE chairs and tried to scoot me out of my chair!! The fourth woman sat one butt cheek onto my chair and the other onto her friend's chair and turned toward me and literally said, "excuse me," as in she wanted to move. I was in shock and couldn't say a word. I just stared and waited for Justin to come back. Once he walked up to seeing me being pushed off my chair he started giggling immediately.

Luckily, it was time to head to the gate since we were going to board soon. Justin ran back off quickly to get some water bottles for the flight, and I shuffled into more comfortable seating arrangement across the hall. The flight for Osaka left relatively on time, I think, but I can't be certain because Justin and I fell asleep on each other before we even took off! We got about a two hour nap in, which made the rest of the trip "fly" by ;) I started reading Game of Thrones, which kept me pretty preoccupied the rest of the flight and before we knew it we were landing in Osaka! Immigration took a good 45 minutes and we were almost the very last people in line (a bathroom break set us back more than we thought it would, don't let the same mistake happen to you!). After immigration we quickly found the train that we needed to take and we even helped out another American who was new to the train system in Japan. We looked like old pros buying tickets! The train took us directly to a couple of blocks away from our apartment, which was great because it was about midnight at this point. We walked the rest of the way from the station. On our walk to the apartment, we passed a police car that had its lights on. The officer was taking pictures of some sort of foreign liquid (blood?) on the pavement and they had a "crime-scene" roped off. Hopefully we picked the right neighborhood to stay in!

Finding the apartment was easy and we were inside in no time. We dropped off our stuff, checked in with Heath, and looked up the best late night restaurants to grab some food. Our day wouldn't have been complete without ramen, so Justin found one of the top rated places for late night eats and we quickly headed back out to find the place. We walked through the main night life area of Namba, Osaka and found the ramen place right away. We ordered with the vending machine ticket again and, once again, looked like pros :) The ramen was absolutely delicious and exactly what we needed after 12+ hours of traveling. Both of our bowls were completely empty! After ramen we strolled back to the apartment and now it is definitely time for bed. We only have two days to explore, so tomorrow will be a long day of adventure!

Kaela and Justin

These are our travel faces :D On the train from Kansai Airport to Namba station!

The flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Osaka, Japan; the moon was HUGE!

Walking around Osaka at 2:00 a.m.

No matter where we are, we are never too far from home! Honolulu Coffee Company, we meet again.

The best (post) midnight snack one could ask for! Absolutely delicious.

The outlets in our apartment aren't strategically placed haha.

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Scooting Around Chiang Mai

Bua Thong ("Sticky" Waterfalls)

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Well as the title suggests, we spent most of our day on a scooter/moped today. We slept in a little later than planned since we needed a bit more time to recharge before a long day out of the apartment (and we stayed out later than usual yesterday). We started to get ready around 10:30 a.m. and I got to catch up with Mom and Kyra before heading out to the recommended moped rental shop. We met the shop owner, Monte, right away and he hooked us up with a sick whip. He gave a quick lesson on how to drive a moped, had us pick out a couple of helmets, and soon we were off! This was the first time that Justin had ever driven a moped! Justin and I had already planned on spending the entire day out of the city exploring the countryside with a final recommended destination called Bua Thong or, its slang name, "sticky" waterfalls.

We mapped out our whole route there and started our long trek out to the site. We dipped into some city traffic on our way out to the countryside and soon enough we were on a much less crowded highway enjoying the scenery. Luckily, Chiang Mai is the least hectic city we've visited thus far in terms of traffic, so maneuvering the moped was much more possible here compared to other places, but still not easy. Once we were outside of the main city, the scenery got increasingly more beautiful, which was a great thing for our hour and a half drive on the moped. We also had great weather the entire drive, which was huge considering it's the rainy season here. It was a beautiful day!

Even though the drive out was long, it was pretty easy. We stayed on the main highway for most of the ride and before we knew it we were at the main site for the waterfalls! Both of us were pretty happy to stand up and stretch out when we arrived. There were a ton of people around, probably for the Buddhist holiday that took place today, so it was easy to see where the main attractions were. The site we went to had a ton of different hikes, but we were there to see the famous waterfalls. The reason Bua Thong is so noteworthy is because you can literally climb up all of the waterfalls with ease due to the "sticky" make up of the landscape. By sticky I mean that the rocks are made of limestone and have a rough texture like a pumice stone that makes it possible for you to stick to them and walk straight up. Although they look slippery and smooth (with water running directly over the surface of the rock), the texture makes it super easy to climb up. The rocks are a creamy tone, which contrasts with the clear water and bright green foliage surrounding the entire area.

We walked down to the third level out of five and climbed back up through the waterfall to reach the beginning. It was very refreshing after such a long ride in the heat. Once we'd explored the waterfall to our liking, we followed signs to Nam Phu Chet Si, where there is a small shrine with a sacred spring (the source of the waterfall). We continued walking through the jungle before finding the crystal blue water. There were long bamboo poles with buckets attached to them that allowed us to grab some of the healing water to splash on ourselves. There was also a long story describing the origin of the falls that included a folktale about two princesses living there during a time of war. The whole experience was very beautiful and calming.

We made one last stop to grab a snack and something cold to drink before hitting the road again; we settled on sweet basil ruffles and a passionfruit ice smoothie. It was the perfect snack to satisfy our hunger! The drive back seemed shorter than the way there. Maybe Justin was a more confident driver at this point or maybe I was too focused on my butt that had become numb from the hard seat. Regardless, soon we were back in town ready to find some food. There was a popular khao soi restaurant recommended to us (thanks to Eric Angerer), so we made our way over there first. After a few wrong turns, we finally made it only to find that it was closed! We decided we needed to head back to the apartment for a quick Google to find a plan B. Justin found the second best place pretty quickly and we left the apartment once again. The place we found was delicious! We both ordered khao soi, which is a Thai dish that has egg noodles, chicken, and crispy wonton chips in a thin curry broth. We were stoked to have such amazing food after such long day. This was actually our first meal too, and it was 5:00 p.m. at this point.

After lunch it was time to turn the moped back in since we are leaving semi-early tomorrow. We headed back to the house to finally clean up and rest and shower of from our long day out in nature. After getting all cleaned up I decided to go get my nails done to celebrate our last day here. I opted for some gels and your standard pedi :) After some me-time I got caught in a torrential downpour on the short walk back to the apartment. I got absolutely soaked!! Once I got back, I caught up with Justin and we spent some time resting and hanging out. We did one last load of laundry for the trip and decided to go out for a late dinner back to our favorite neighborhood Thai restaurant. We quickly ordered pad thai and fried rice to split, and made it just in time before the kitchen closed at 8:30 p.m.! After we scarfed down our meal we headed into the night market one last time to explore and pick up a few more souvenir gifts for people back home. Now we're back at the apartment trying to finish The Man from UNCLE before we doze off. We have to get up around 7:30 a.m. tomorrow to pack up and head out for our morning flight (our clothes aren't totally dry yet so they need the night to dry).

We're heading back to Bangkok one last time tomorrow (I'm gonna miss Thailand!) and then catching a connecting flight to Osaka. Then we get two nights filled with ramen in Japan before flying back to Oahu! Should be a long travel day tomorrow (we lose time), so it's time to wind down and doze off to our film.

Kaela and Justin

Our ride for the day!

Hiking up and around the waterfall!

Beautiful Thai countryside.

Checking out the source of the waterfall.

An incredible meal, thanks to Eric Angerer for telling us to seek this out.

Last supper of Pad Thai and Fried Rice at our local Thai restaurant!

Walking through the night market one last time.

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Exploring Chiang Mai

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We got up around 11:00 a.m. today; Kaela is still not feeling well and I felt that she needed the extra time to sleep in. I'd rather wait until Kaela is feeling better to explore the city because I want to discover each street and corner together, regardless of how many there are. We are enjoying our time together as man and wife, and we also seem to be getting back into the groove of traveling together and exploring new places and countries together once more. With each new place that we discover together, I feel that we grow together as a couple. It is quite the experience!

We started off our morning around 11:00 a.m. I felt that Kaela needed to sleep in a few minutes, and we didn't have any plans until noon. I read my Game of Thrones books until Kaela woke up (they are incredibly good) and she finally woke up when I accidentally hit my knee against the bedpost. Oops! Anyways, it was about time she woke up! After she woke up, we both took our time to get ready for the day (I read another chapter) and then we walked out the door around ten minutes before noon. We were planning on meeting Linda (who lives in and is from Chiang Mai), who is a friend of Eric Angerer. We met her just down the street at Butter is Better (the delicious diner that we ate at yesterday) and she drove us to the far end of Chiang Mai that we weren't able to explore yet. She took us to a local restaurant that we had not, and definitely would not, have been to if not for her. It was delicious! Although we do not know the name (a picture is featured below) we had a delicious serving of chicken wings, a delicious coleslaw, a half of a chicken, and a spicy pork dish. The entire menu is in Thai and we definitely would not have been able to eat at this restaurant if not for Linda! We had a fantastic time getting to know each other and Linda's cousin, Colleen, eventually joined us for lunch. We went to coffee afterwards at what appeared to be the best coffee place in Thailand, since it placed in the top 3 of coffee artistry shops in the world at a recent art conference. I ordered a "satan latte" since the description said that it was the world champion in 2013 and 2015 or something like that, and Kaela ordered and iced coffee. Both were delicious!

Once we finished our coffee, Linda and Colleen dropped us off back at our residence and we rested inside until dinner. We both thought that lunch was so delicious (we haven't had Khao Soi yet, our plan is to have it tomorrow). We looked up some details for tomorrow (we are planning on hiking Sticky Falls) and we hung out around the apartment until it was time to head out for dinner. We decided to try a different cuisine tonight, and we went to an Israeli restaurant called Sababa. It was absolutely delicious! Kaela got a bean soup with pita bread while I got the classic Schnitzel with hummus and a mediterranean salad. It was all so good! We finished everything that they gave us. After dinner, we quickly headed home for a quick break before heading out to explore Chiang Mai in the night hours. Our first stop was the Roof Top Bar, but we seemed to get side-tracked by the daily night market in our neighborhood. We ended up getting a few items for souvenirs for loved ones (and a cute bag for Kaela herself) before continuing on for the night. Next to the night market there was a cute food truck market that featured various types of foods and a live band! We ended up stopping in the area for a quick refreshment and snack (I got japanese curry and chicken katsu with rice; it was absolutely delicious for less than $3.00!).

After we finished at the delicious street food market, we continued on to the Roof Top Bar. This location was recommended to us by Linda earlier in the day so we figured we might a well check it out. You can't wear shoes on the top floor of the bar since it is all located on tatami type mats, so we both enjoyed a drink while sitting on cushions located on the floor around several low tables. We soaked in the atmosphere for 20-30 minutes until we were ready to move on to the next location of the night: Zoe in Yellow.

This was another bar that was highly recommended to us by multiple people who have been to Chaing Mai before, so we figured that we might as well check it out while we can! We did the 15 minute walk over and we soon began to hear music. We figured that it just must be a popular street but, as it turned out, it was all coming from Zoe in Yellow! This was an enormous bar/night club that is located on both sides of the street and, as Kaela so eloquently put it, they were "playing jams" the whole time. We both got a drink and hung out there for 20 minutes or so until the lights came on, assumingly meaning that the bar would be closing at 12:00 a.m. At this point, we left and started walking back to our apartment, which was 20-30 minutes away. We trekked through the hike back and, soon enough, ended up back at our apartment. We are both exhausted at this point, and we are planning on getting up earlier that we have been recently to rent a moped and drive 90 minutes our to the stick waterfalls hike. So, we definitely need to get our rest tognith! We are excited for the day ahead and it should be quite the adventure! Until tomorrow...


Justin and Kaela

Zoe in Yellow!

Roof Top Bar!

Walking through Chiang Mai #whereswifey

Delicious snack at the food truck market! It would be hard to find Japanese curry this good in Japan..

Schnitzel dinner: Israeli food!

The lunch place that we went to with Linda!

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Cruising Through Chiang Mai

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Today was a pretty fun day wandering through the old town. We started our day off a little later that we intended but it all worked out because we got to start off with brunch. We went to a diner recommended by our landlord called Better is Butter and we were not disappointed. I ordered fried eggs, bacon, and has browns and Justin got his standard eggs benedict. Everything was delicious! Once we were all fueled up and ready for the day we started to make our way to the old part of the city to wander around and explore some of the temples. We walked all the way up the entire street that normally has the night market and stopped at various temples to take pictures. We also stopped at a huge tshirt shop to pick up some souvenirs. I got an elephant tank top and Justin got a Thailand shirt :)

Soon we made it all the way to the main gate, which is where we'd visited before. At this point it was starting to get pretty steamy and hot, and I'm still not feeling 100%, so we decided to head back home so we could go out longer at night for the Sunday market. We sweated our way back to the apartment and I decided to take a nap while Justin went to check out the gym at the apartment for a workout. It was a perfect amount of time for resting, and soon enough we were heading back out for some dinner and the market.

I found a highly rated Indian food place called Rajdarbar, so we thought that'd be a good thing to try tonight. It was also right on our way to the night market. I did the ordering again and we feasted on chicken tikka masala, aloo gobi, daal, basmati rice, garlic naan, and a new addition of onion raita (I think we'll have to add the raita to our standard order now). Everything was incredible and we knew we had to walk it all off since we ate so much. We headed straight to the Sunday night market. Much of the standard night market stalls were closed because of the Sunday market, which is on a different street completely. Once we made it to the Sunday market we were trapped in a sea of people. There were tons of different stalls selling all sorts of trinkets, goods, and food. Even though this market was way more hectic and crowded, I enjoyed it more because there was more of a variety in terms of what people were selling.

We walked the entire market, which ended up being about a kilometer on the street. There were tons of smaller streets branching off from the main street, but we chose to stay on the main drag. We saw a lot of interesting things and at one point we even stumbled upon a henna stand. Since I'd been wanting one for a while I decided this was as good as any other time! We waited about twenty minutes for a henna artist to free up before getting a cool piece on the top of my hand. After the henna action we continued wandering through the rest of the street. We ended up getting a perfect amount of stuff; I found a couple of bracelets that were being handmade right in front of me. I also found some gifts for some friends and family :) Last but not least, we found this adorable hand painted shirt with a rainbow elephant on it; it was lucky we found this specific stall too because it was almost at the very end and it was quite small compared to other stalls. I had seen a few shirts with elephants that I really liked, but this one really was one of a kind!

Since it was such a long walk down the main street, we had an even longer walk back to our apartment, so Justin decided to get some street food for a snack on the way back; he settled on some yummy looking pad thai. Our stroll back to the apartment was pretty easy even though it took a while. There were surprisingly a lot of small food shops open for business on a Sunday night, but that was probably due to the market. We even saw a tuk tuk driver screaming at two of his customers! We're guessing the customers didn't fess up the money they were supposed to because we hadn't seen any driver get angry like that before!

After all the action we finally made it back to our apartment! We were both pretty exhausted and hot at this point (especially Justin since he'd had such a tough workout earlier). Now we're all ready for bed and planning out our day tomorrow. We might meet up with a friend of a friend for lunch or we might try to explore some of the sites further out of the city. Until then!

Kaela and Justin

Walking around Chiang Mai.

Temples, sites, and gates we passed during our long walks today.

A cool store we checked out that sold inspirational travel quotes on paintings.

Breakfast time!

Dinner time!

Walking around the night market.

Henna Tattoo in progress!

Scenic point of the wall on the edge of the old city.

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