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Travel Day: Chiang Mai to Osaka

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I think we underestimated the amount of travel we'd be doing on this trip. So far it seems like we've spent far more time in airports than our entire 6 1/2 month trip combined and today's travel day added to that tally again! We started our morning off right around 7:30 a.m. to pack and clean up the apartment before taking a taxi to the airport at 8:30 a.m. We have a pretty solid routine at this point, so getting ready isn't too much of a hassle. At 8:25 a.m. the nice guys from the front desk called up to say the taxi was ready, so we did one last check around the apartment and headed to the airport.

The airport in Chiang Mai was super easy because we were only traveling domestically to start off. We got through security pretty quickly and grabbed a coffee once we made it through our gate. Justin and I were sitting in different rows again, but we still managed to get a quick nap in on the short flight to Bangkok. We arrived in Bangkok in no time and we were bracing ourselves for the long lines that we had faced two other times going through the immigration departure. However, to our surprise (on the one layover where we had more than enough time), there was barely anyone in line! We waited behind two other people before sailing through immigration and security.

We quickly found our gate, but went back out to search for some food. We settled on the trusted McDonalds that we'd visited once before. I found seats in the most chaotic mini food court I've ever been in while Justin waited in line to order some burgers. That line ended up taking FORTY minutes!!! Yup, you read that correctly...4-0 minutes. It was outta control! Once we finally got our food and scarfed it down we decided we should get some snacks for the flight to Osaka since you have to buy all the food onboard, and we wouldn't be arriving in Japan until after 10:00 p.m. local time. We moved our stuff out of the zoo/food court and I waited with the bags while Justin waited in line at Subway since it was such an easy snack to bring with us! While I was waiting at some of the chairs, minding my own business, four foreign women strolled on by and sat down in the three seats next to me. What happened next was one of the most bizarre experiences I've had traveling. The FOUR women squeezed into the THREE chairs and tried to scoot me out of my chair!! The fourth woman sat one butt cheek onto my chair and the other onto her friend's chair and turned toward me and literally said, "excuse me," as in she wanted to move. I was in shock and couldn't say a word. I just stared and waited for Justin to come back. Once he walked up to seeing me being pushed off my chair he started giggling immediately.

Luckily, it was time to head to the gate since we were going to board soon. Justin ran back off quickly to get some water bottles for the flight, and I shuffled into more comfortable seating arrangement across the hall. The flight for Osaka left relatively on time, I think, but I can't be certain because Justin and I fell asleep on each other before we even took off! We got about a two hour nap in, which made the rest of the trip "fly" by ;) I started reading Game of Thrones, which kept me pretty preoccupied the rest of the flight and before we knew it we were landing in Osaka! Immigration took a good 45 minutes and we were almost the very last people in line (a bathroom break set us back more than we thought it would, don't let the same mistake happen to you!). After immigration we quickly found the train that we needed to take and we even helped out another American who was new to the train system in Japan. We looked like old pros buying tickets! The train took us directly to a couple of blocks away from our apartment, which was great because it was about midnight at this point. We walked the rest of the way from the station. On our walk to the apartment, we passed a police car that had its lights on. The officer was taking pictures of some sort of foreign liquid (blood?) on the pavement and they had a "crime-scene" roped off. Hopefully we picked the right neighborhood to stay in!

Finding the apartment was easy and we were inside in no time. We dropped off our stuff, checked in with Heath, and looked up the best late night restaurants to grab some food. Our day wouldn't have been complete without ramen, so Justin found one of the top rated places for late night eats and we quickly headed back out to find the place. We walked through the main night life area of Namba, Osaka and found the ramen place right away. We ordered with the vending machine ticket again and, once again, looked like pros :) The ramen was absolutely delicious and exactly what we needed after 12+ hours of traveling. Both of our bowls were completely empty! After ramen we strolled back to the apartment and now it is definitely time for bed. We only have two days to explore, so tomorrow will be a long day of adventure!

Kaela and Justin

These are our travel faces :D On the train from Kansai Airport to Namba station!

The flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Osaka, Japan; the moon was HUGE!

Walking around Osaka at 2:00 a.m.

No matter where we are, we are never too far from home! Honolulu Coffee Company, we meet again.

The best (post) midnight snack one could ask for! Absolutely delicious.

The outlets in our apartment aren't strategically placed haha.

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