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Good Morning, Vietnam!

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We had a wild first day in Hanoi! It all started at the airport around 9:30 a.m. this morning. We quickly found our driver, and Kaela double-checked with the hotel to ensure everything was correct. The 45 minute ride to the hotel was a crash-course on driving etiquette in Vietnam. It appears that stoplights are optional, and by simply honking you are doing your part in letting others know that you are about to cross the intersection. Our driver was very skilled and efficient at navigating the confusing streets of Hanoi, and dodging mopeds and motorcycles the whole way there. We both silently agreed that we made the correct decision in not renting a car here, or anywhere in Asia for that matter. Due to us not understanding the unwritten rules of the road, we felt it was best to place our lives in the hands of our driver to take us where we needed to go.

After weaving through city streets, and dodging a few more mopeds, we arrived at our doorstep of the Marvellous Hotel and Spa in the center of Hanoi. We were graciously greeted at the car and ushered inside to complete our check-in. We even received a welcome-plate of watermelon and some sweets, along with a mango smoothie, for us to enjoy while the check-in was completed. Kaela loved the mango smoothie, even stating that it may be one of the best she has ever had! After we finished our treats, and after getting a detailed description of Hanoi, we headed up to our room to relax for a few minutes. At this point, it was only 10:30 a.m. or so, but we felt like we had been awake for days, since we had been traveling for 18 hours or so. We relaxed in our room for an hour, trying not to nap, before leaving to go explore our neighborhood in Hanoi and grab something for lunch. As we walked by the front desk, the attendant asked what we had planned today. When we explained that we were going to walk around and get some Pho for lunch, she suggested a restaurant a few blocks away and gave us directions; how nice!

Walking around Hanoi proved to not be the easiest thing, and attempting to cross the street was daunting at times. On our first crosswalk (we had a walk signal) I was nearly clipped by a moped! Over time, we adapted to the rules of the road and by the end of the day we were crossing 5 lane roads with traffic swirling all around us (don't worry moms and tutu; we were fine!)! After a 5 minute walk, we arrived at Pho 10, where we were directed to have lunch. We sat down and quickly ordered two beef pho dishes, and waited for our order. Everyone had some sort of fried bread in addition to the soup, but we didn't know how to order it nor see it on the menu (after looking it up at home later, we learned that it is called dau chao quay; we will order this next time)! Our bowls of pho arrived in a few minutes and we both liberally applied some lime juice (fresh slices on the table) and hot sauce. Kaela even got me to try a single slice of an orange pepper (there was an entire bowl of it on our table). My mouth was immediately on FIRE. We also didn't know how to order drinks, or if it was BYOB, so we didn't have anything! The pepper was so hot, I even got the hiccups! After my mouth recovered from the pepper, I completely finished the pho; it was delicious! The broth had such a good flavor and the lime juice, and pickled garlic, added so much flavor.

After lunch, we went on a hunt to find a market to pick up a few supplies. We started our walk by heading to the lake nearby, and we were immediately caught in a downpour. We were completely unprepared for rain at this point! We didn't have rain jackets or an umbrella. After learning that the tree we were standing under was not really protecting us from the water (and some Hanoi locals laughed at us getting soaked) we decided to just walk through the rain anyways. We walked around for another hour or so, enjoying seeing the many different streets of Hanoi. After only finding the smallest convenience stores, we eventually found a larger market. We picked up some water, drinks, and snacks before beginning the trek back to the hotel. Kaela even found these delicious mango gummies that the aunties used to pass out at her volleyball games. We power walked through the rain and ended up back at the apartment! We then relaxed in the hotel for a little while before venturing out for dinner.

We both ended up taking a short nap and, while Kaela continued sleeping, I looked up some restaurants for the evening. I found a sandwich place, Banh Mi 25, and a noodle place, Bun Bo Nam Bo. We ventured out for dinner, and the first location was Banh Mi 25, since it closed at 7:00 p.m. and it was 6:40 p.m. at this point. We made it just in time and we both had a beer and split two sandwiches, grilled chicken and ham. We both agreed that the grilled chicken was the best, and I tried my hardest not to douse the sandwich with too much hot sauce (I'm a sucker for spicy). After finishing here, it all cost 70,000 Dong (or about 3 dollars), we made our way over to the night market. Immediately upon arriving, there was some sort of scramble in the main intersection. Everyone started picking up all of the plastic chairs and moving them! We were both completely confused and we just did our best to stay out of the way. We eventually ducked into a bar nearby, Green Pepper, to get a beer and escape from the hectic street life for a few minutes.

We began our walk back home and stopped on the way to pick up a fried potato stick, which was delicious. On the way back, we passed a hostel that said it had a rooftop bar and a beer pong tournament. Kaela, feeling competitive, decided to venture up the 6 flights of stairs to the bar. While there was no tournament happening, it was packed with travelers from all over. We both got a round of drinks and mingled with other travelers. We met a girl from England and a guy from Norway, both of them were waiting to hear if they were accepted into their Masters programs. We shared travel stories before heading back to our hotel.

Around 10:00 p.m., I was looking for a snack and convinced Kaela to go try the noodle place that I looked up earlier, Bun Bo Nam Bo, which is only a few minute walk from our hotel. We split one dish and it was incredible! This one was more noodle than soup, and it was topped with peanuts and bean sprouts. So delicious! After finishing our snack, we headed back to the hotel to head to bed. We are both completely exhausted and I'm sure we'll have another exciting day tomorrow immersing ourselves in the Vietnamese culture!


Justin and Kaela

Caught in the rain in Hanoi.

Wandering around Hanoi!

Delicious welcome plate at our hotel!

Our lunch pho, and those spicy peppers, at Pho 10.

At the Green Pepper.

Delicious snack! Some sort of fried potato with all the toppings.

Strolling through the night market.

Delicious late night noodle snack at Bun Bo Nam Bo.

Our hotel room!

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Travel Day: Kyoto to Hanoi

Kicking it in Kyoto and the Vietnam Scramble

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Well today was such a long travel day, it seemed like we were gone for a week! Our morning started off like any other morning with the fam bam. Since we didn't have to leave for our flight until late at night (12:10 a.m.) we had our entire day to play and explore in Kyoto. Justin and I liked the bamboo forest so much the last time we were in Kyoto that we decided we wanted to take the clan there on our last day. We headed over to the metro and I went through and explained the process of buying tickets in more detail (since the group would have to do it on their own once we left). The ride over was easy; before we knew it we were in the district of Arashiyama. We took a moment to get our bearings before heading out in the direction of bamboo. We had to make a stop for a 7/11 to pick up some pastries and coffee for breakfast to prepare for the long day ahead.

This district was pretty incredible because there are many buildings all around, but this bamboo forest suddenly appears out of nowhere. Once we refueled, we easily found our way to the bamboo. The temperature immediately changed and we were all much cooler under the shade of the beautiful bamboo. We arrived a little before all of the tour groups started to roll in, so we took advantage of the lull and made our way over to Tenryū-ji, which is a temple amidst all of the bamboo. We had previously visited the forest and the temple with Keiko two years ago and had an amazing time with her. The temple was beautiful, once again, and we all had a great time wandering around the gardens and admiring the history of the site itself.

After we'd all felt like we'd seen most of what the temple had to offer, we made our way back into the bamboo and toward other shrine looking signs and arrows on the directions that were marked in Japanese. We didn't really have a plan at this point, so we had a nice time meandering through the quiet streets, chatting with each other and making jokes along the way. Right as we were about to turn the corner to head back to the train station, we turned the opposite way and found a huge shrine! We aren't totally sure what it's called but the entire property was massive and beautiful. There was very little English around, but we made friends with three old Japanese ladies and chatted in broken English. We were all pretty content appreciating the scenery and the company.

Once we made it back to the train station, we were all overheated and drenched! We found a small air conditioned glass room on the platform we were waiting at and tried to cool down. I left the navigating duties up to Kyra on the way back and sure enough we made it back to our original train stop seamlessly. We were all starving and dehydrated by the time we made it back so we immediately started walking around looking for lunch. We stumbled upon a place called Cafe Lemon that was absolutely delicious but, whether it be from our starvation or actual deliciousness, we'll never know. We all started chugging the water we were given amidst the chain smoking patrons across from us and our poor server had to come around to refill at least seven times! We all ordered something different; Mom and Kyra split pizza toast and a tuna sandwich, Justin had curry and rice, I had pasta with meat sauce, and Tutu and Kuku had some sort of omelette with fried rice in it.

We were all completely pooped by the time we made it back to our house. Justin and I showered and started our last load of laundry immediately (the laundry took 3 1/2 hours because it was a combined washer/dryer in one...not super efficient). Then it was time for everyone to take a bit of a siesta and nap. Justin and I had to start packing once we got up, and soon enough we were all ready to leave the familymoon and head off to start the honeymoon. We all had such an incredible time together, and I know we will travel on another familymoon again soon!!

Once we said our goodbyes, Justin and I damn near sprinted to the train station. We left the house a little later than we were planning, but we still wanted to catch the earlier train. We made it on just in time and arrived at Kyoto station with a few minutes to spare. We had about an hour before our next train, but we also had a few errands to run first. We asked around to find our next line and platform before heading off to eat some Japanese curry that Justin had been craving (he loved it!) and before printing off our visa on arrival information for Vietnam. We even had extra time to pick up some treats from Donq for the journey! We were so damn efficient with our errands that we ended up making it on an even earlier train!! Our train ride over took about an hour and 45 minutes to get from Kyoto to Kansai airport.

Everything went smoothly at the airport, which is always a hit or miss. The check in counter almost made us check our suitcases (that only weigh 15 pounds by the way!), but Justin's smooth talking got us out of that (that's why I married him). Security was much easier than in the US, and we didn't even have to take off our shoes. However, Justin's backpack got stopped for having liquids in it and it had to be re-scanned. At this point we were about three hours early for our flight, so we wandered through the main terminal then took a tram to our smaller terminal. We grabbed a small sandwich and a coffee to share before heading to our gate.

Our first and main flight was from Kansai to Bangkok. It took about six hours and we ended up having our own row completely to ourselves! We were originally on opposite sides of an aisle, but the flight attendant came up to us and asked if we wanted to move into an empty row without us even asking; how nice! We tried to sleep as much as possible, but that only works so well on an airplane. Our second flight took a little bit more effort. Since we booked our two flights on two different reservations, we had to completely leave immigration (check into Thailand) and go through the entire checkin process again in Bangkok (check out of Thailand). Luckily, we had plenty of time for this unplanned snafu. We finally ate our Donq treats and picked up a latte from Starbucks before heading to our gate for our second and final flight.

Our final flight was just under two hours, and we weren't lucky enough to get our own row this time. After a few short naps, we landed in our final destination of Hanoi! As soon as we landed we saw it was pouring, and we hustled towards immigration, trying to clear customs as soon as possible. We thought that this would be a quick pass through, since we had our visa-on-arrival forms. However, we learned that we had to fill out a whole new sheet of paper, provide our image, and pay $25 to get our visa (it takes up a whole page of our passport) before even getting in the line to clear customs! This whole process took just over an hour and when we finally went through we were relieved to finally be in Vietnam, as we planned. After a quick search, we found and were able to confirm our driver and we were off on our way to the hotel! More to details to come soon regarding our time in Vietnam, and our crash-course in the vietnamese lifestyle!


Kaela and Justin

Walking around the Tenryū-Ji Temple! Absolutely gorgeous; yet another UNESCO world heritage site!

The beautiful Bamboo Forest!

Playing around on the walk back to the train station!

Oh look, we found a temple!

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Travel Day: Himeji to Kyoto

semi-overcast 90 °F

We were fortunate to have another relaxing travel day in Japan, seemingly due to the incredible efficiency of the Japanese train system. We started our day waking up and heading to breakfast at 7:30. We had another great Japanese and American buffet to start the day! Kaela made her own egg and rice concoction with some sausage, while I focused more on the lunch assortment and had some katsu mochiko chicken with rice. It was all pretty tasty! After breakfast, we all headed back to our rooms to finish up packing. We left the Dormy Inn at 9:15 a.m. to catch our train from Himeji to Kyoto!

We had a quick walk over to the train station and we were the first ones waiting for the train as usual! Kaela and Kuku went off to find some coffee while everyone else waited by our boarding zones. We enjoyed watching the Shinkansens (bullet trains) zoom by the station as we waited. I was trying to take a video of one flying by but, as soon as Kaela returned with coffee, she distracted me long enough to miss the next train to fly by! Soon after, our train showed up and we all shuffled into our seats. Our train was direct this time, and we arrived in Kyoto in a little under an hour.

When we arrived in Kyoto, we grabbed some taxis and piled in for our 10 minute ride to our residence. We needed two taxis for the eight of us, and the taxi with Kuku, Tutu, Ryan, and Lilly had so much luggage in it, that the cab driver couldn't close the trunk! The driver quickly attached a bungee cord and reentered the car. Ryan, who didn't feel as quite confident with how secure the bags were, hesitantly entered the cab and watched the trunk for the entirety of the drive. When we arrived at our location, someone was still cleaning the house! We dropped off our bags and started walking around the neighborhood looking for a place to eat lunch, since it was 11:30 a.m. at this point. After 15 minutes of wandering around, we returned to the place that smelled the best from the street. Kaela ordered taco rice (which is as delicious as it sounds) and I got Japanese curry and rice. We both ate every bite! After lunch we went back to our house, which was now clean, and settled into our place in Kyoto. Kaela and I are only staying here for a night, since we leave for Hanoi, Vietnam tomorrow night.

Everyone relaxed in the house throughout the afternoon; some napping, some reading, and I mostly paced around waiting for something to do. Kuku eventually came to my rescue and we went out together to go get some coffee supplies and snacks for everyone. After picking up coffee creamer and chips from the local convenience store, we found a larger supermarket a quarter-mile from our house; even better!

We returned to the house and, after a half hour or so, Kaela was ready to go do something as well (she had been on the phone with Vietnam for the majority of the afternoon since there was an error on her Vietnam visa; her passport number was incorrect! After a few hours she was able to rectify the issue). Kaela and I had a few errands to run, since we are separating from the rest of the family tomorrow for a few weeks of honeymooning on our own through Southeast Asia. We needed to get a few passport sized photos for our upcoming visas, along with print out our numerous plane tickets. We set off with Heather and Kyra to run a few errands and pick up something for dinner!

We took the JR line one stop over from our apartment back to the Kyoto station (using our Japan Rail passes the last day that they are valid) and began the search. Our first location was BIC Camera, to look for fingernail clippers for Kuku and a place to take passport photos. We were lucky enough to find fingernail clippers and, after asking around, we were directed to a small location with a photo booth and picture printing machines. Kaela was prepared to spend ¥700 each to take photographs. Since Kaela had a digital copy of our passport photos on her phone, we decided to try and print them out in the appropriate size. After playing around with the printing size, we eventually had a few copies each and saved ¥1340; nice!

After our passport photos were completed, we headed back into the train station looking for a place to print. Kaela had the good idea to check the tourist information center, and I immediately saw a computer with a printer that could be used for ¥100 for 10 minutes! We printed out all of our boarding passes for the next 2 weeks, since we couldn't be sure when we would have this opportunity to print again. All in all, it cost us ¥300, since each page printed took some of our time away as well.

At this point, we completed all of the errands we had planned! Kaela felt overjoyed at this point, and spent most of the rest of the day dancing in elevators, on escalators, and through storefronts (she is quite the dancer as well). The only thing left to do now was to find something for dinner! We were planning on meeting with with Kuku, Tutu, Ryan, and Lilly, but it started to rain. We decided to stay near the train station and explore the plethora of dining options there. We must have been overwhelmed with choice, since we spent what seemed like an hour walking around trying to find the perfect place! During this time we found a gorgeous set of stairs affixed with LED lights that changed colors; quite the sight! We tried to take a few pictures but it couldn't quite do the beautiful view justice. We eventually returned to a curry and soup location. Since I am a curry addict, this option was completely fine with me! Kaela and I split a Japanese vegetable soup while we both had our own plate of chicken curry and rice; all delicious!

After dinner, we headed back to the house and finished off the night snacking on baked goods from Donq, eating sushi, and enjoying a bottle of wine we have been carrying with us since Tokyo (it was worth it). We have an exciting (and early) day planned tomorrow visiting the Arashiyama Bamboo and Senkō-ji Temple before heading off to Vietnam in the evening! We will be visiting Hanoi, Vietnam; Siem Reap, Cambodia, and Chiang Mai, Thailand over the next two weeks. Feel free to forward us any tips or recommendations for these locations! Until tomorrow..


Justin and Kaela

Playing around on the rainbow steps outside of Kyoto station!

Nighttime selfie in front of the Kyoto Tower.

Ryan's room (we moved two beds downstairs for Kaela and I).

Heather and Kyra's room.

Kuku and Tutu's room.

Mine and Kaela's room, including the house mascot ninja! (we moved 2 mattresses in here)

The main hallway that leads into the living room (with the couch built for someone shorter than five feet tall, no kidding.

Lilly's tiger room.

Walking around our neighborhood in Kyoto!

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Hot Hot Hot in Himeji

semi-overcast 89 °F
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Well, as the title suggests, it was a hot one today!! Our morning started off in our nice hotel with a Japanese and Western buffet for breakfast. We loaded up on katsu, rice, bacon, and eggs until we felt like we were fully nourished for the day. Then we headed off for a full day of roaming, sweating, and sightseeing. Our first adventure started immediately once we left the hotel and hunted for a bus ticket. We all decided we wanted to start off at Himeji Castle but end up at Mount Shosha, a place scattered with Buddhist temples. We had to get our plans straight right away because the best place to buy bus tickets for later in the day ended up being right next to us at the main train station.

Once we purchased our bus tickets for later in the day, Justin and I set off on a power walk down the main street to the castle (he's always up for some exercise). The rest of the group wanted to conserve their energy for the long day ahead, so they hopped on a quick bus heading in the same direction. Justin and I ended up seeing the group on their bus and we all actually arrived at the front of the castle at the same time (there was a bit of a mixup in terms of where they were actually supposed to get off, which led to the bus driver laughing at the confused Americans and letting them off in an intersection past the stop). We arrived at the castle just before it opened and were immediately swept away into a sea of tourists. Sticky and sweaty already, we waited in line to purchase our tickets and soon began the trek through the six floors of the main keep.

Each floor had small explanations and descriptions regarding the uses for the different rooms. We climbed the steep and slippery stairs through each floor, stopping when we felt a cool breeze sneaking through one of the windows. We walked around the complex for about an hour or so, stopping to take pictures and admire the incredibly precise and articulate architecture. Kuku and I also had a sweating contest to see whose shirt was more soaked at different times throughout our tour. Once we felt like we'd seen enough, we had the option of going to the gardens or heading to our next destination. Since we saw supposedly some of the best gardens in the world at Kanazawa Castle, we decided we should set off to Mount Shosha since nobody totally knew where we were going or how long it would take us to get there.

We caught our bus heading to the correct destination and took it to the end of the line. At that point, we took a cable car up the mountain, which eventually dropped us off at Engyogi, the site with many Buddhist temples and, also, where part of The Last Samurai was filmed! We didn't really know what we were getting into so we just started walking through the steep trails that eventually led to various temples. We borrowed some bamboo walking sticks and rang a huge gong before we felt ready to embark on the hike. We passed by many ceramic figures each depicting something unique as we weaved through the dense forest. The first building we ended up going into was the Maniden, which was a beautiful wood building on top of another steep hill. We prepared ourselves for the short trek upward by feasting on some mango ice cream then made our way up the ladder-like steps to the main building. We immediately heard chanting and saw a group of people sitting in pews on another side of the room that was separated by some thin wooden slats. There was a wedding taking place (at least we're assuming it was a wedding based off of the attire of the guests and a woman in bridal wear)!

We took a few pictures and caught up with Tutu, Kuku, Ryan, and Lilly (we ended up getting separated for most of our time on Mount Shosha as we all took our time enjoying the scenic hike). Justin, Kyra, Mom, and I thought the Maniden was the main attraction, but it turned out that we were only just beginning! We hadn't even reached the site where The Last Samurai was filmed, so we continued our hike uphill until we found it. Our trail took us to Mitsunodo, which consisted of three large wooden temple halls: the Daikodo (main hall), Jikido, and Jogyodo. We were only allowed to wander through Daikodo, so that's exactly what we did. The four of us took a seat on the upper level of the building and cooled off. Eventually we saw the other half of our group and decided it would be a perfect time for Kyra and me to take some "samurai" pictures since the setting was fitting. We all had quite the laugh, which recharged us for our hike back down to the cable car. We were all exhausted by the time we made it down from the cable car and onto the bus; I even dozed off on the bus back to Himeji!

We were all starving once we got back to town so we split up again and set off to find some grub. Tutu, Kuku, Mom, Kyra, Justin, and I found a delicious Chinese restaurant and absolutely feasted! We chowed down of three plates of fried noodles, a plate of fried rice, gyoza, and some sort of spicy beef plate. It was just what we were looking for to settle everyone's hangry-ness. We stopped by a bakery for some sweet treats for Kuku (I was actually shocked we made it so late into the day before doing this!) and headed back to our hotel for coffee, onsens, and some much deserved rest. The rest of our day was pretty mellow, as we all relaxed in our rooms. It started to thunder and eventually rain once we got back to the hotel, so I decided to finish the latest season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix while Justin read. Kuku and Justin went on a mini adventure of their own a bit later on the day when they went out on their own to find more treats for some late night pupus before our even later night free ramen at the hotel! Justin and Kuku got us some bread from our favorite Himeji French bakery, Donq, and picked up some meats, mustard, and cheese from the store. They even found some butter! We all feasted in our room and had a great time chatting over our pupus.

We're all about to head out for ramen now! We have another travel day to Kyoto tomorrow, so we'll have more stories soon!!

Until then :)

Kaela and Justin

P.S. For those of you still curious about my Disney shirt, check out the last pics...

Walking around Mount Shosha.

Inside, and outside, the Daikodo.

Walking around the Maniden.

Ring my bell, Kyra.

As you can see, the hills were pretty steep today.

Outside the Himeji Castle.

Working up a sweat to see the incredible views!

The Himeji Castle!

Late night complimentary ramen snack, with some green tea!

The infamous Disneyland Tokyo shirt!

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Travel Day: Takayama to Himeji

semi-overcast 89 °F
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It seems like our travel days are getting easier and easier as time goes on. Most of it seems to be due to the fact that everyone has learned to follow my lead ;) We started off our day with a nice hearty breakfast. We switched from the Japanese style breakfast to the Western one and got to cook our own bacon, sausage, and eggs on a mini cast-iron skillet! It was a pretty fun experience. Justin and I sported our pajama yukatas again and most of the group joined in too! The only downside was occasionally getting splashed with the bacon grease; ouch!

After breakfast we had a little over an hour to rest and pack up. Justin and I didn’t have much luck sleeping last night so I took advantage of our extra time and took a quick power nap. Once everyone was all packed up, we checked out of our hotel and took one last stroll around the town before heading to the train station. Kuku got Justin hooked on his latte game so we had to make a stop at a coffee shop to refuel everyone for the trip to Himeji.

The train station in Takayama was really small so finding our train platform was pretty darn simple. Everyone had a tiny bit of anxiety for this trip because we had a train transfer in Nagoya that only gave us nine minutes to get from one train platform to another. We all tried to relax on the first train from Takayama to Nagoya. The first train wasn’t a Shinkansen so we were on a limited express train on the local line, which meant the ride was a tad rocky, and by “tad” I mean it felt like we were on a roller coaster. Mom’s stomach didn’t sit well, but the rocking was actually pretty soothing for both myself and the hubby and we both got some needed shuteye. After 2 1/2 hours it was time to prep for our switch. We all lined up by the exit and once the train doors opened we were off! We sprinted through to our transfer with two minutes to spare! Justin even hand-carried both of our bags the whole way. He said that it was the best workout he could get at the time!

Our second train was much less rocky but also less scenic. We switched from rolling through beautiful mountains and rivers to an equally interesting view filled with narrow buildings and small cities. Once we arrived in Himeji we immediately found our hotel, which was conveniently located down the street from the train station. We all checked in and dropped off our bags in a true Japanese sized room (think of a small walk-in closet!). We were all pretty hungry from the long travel day so we headed out in search of food.

We stumbled upon another burger join right away and Kuku had his mind set (especially after hearing how good our burger was the night before)! I think he’s been craving something to bite into too, so we were more than happy to indulge in another hamburger with bacon and a fried egg! After a quick late-lunch we walked through downtown Himeji. We had only wandered around one side of the train station so after our meal we headed over to the other side, which proved to be much larger and busier. We had a great time admiring the boy band street performers and we finished with a stop at Mister Donut to satisfy Kuku’s sweet tooth!

After our downtown adventures we headed back to the hotel to figure out how to do laundry with Japanese directions and take a bath in more onsens. We’re also waiting to get free late night ramen offered by our hotel!! Until then, it’s time to plan for our trip to Himeji Castle for tomorrow!

More pictures and stories to come :)

Total Steps: 10,086
Total Distance Walked: 4.74 miles

Kaela and Justin

Kuku getting his sweet treats, an entire box!

Walking around Himeji!

Our incredibly spacious room in Himeji.

All packed up and ready to travel from Takayama to Himeji!

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