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Lazy Day in Osaka 07.21.2016
Travel Day: Chiang Mai to Osaka 07.20.2016
Scooting Around Chiang Mai 07.19.2016
Exploring Chiang Mai 07.18.2016
Cruising Through Chiang Mai 07.17.2016
Good Vibes and Elephant Rides 07.16.2016
Chillaxing in Chiang Mai 07.15.2016
Travel Day: Siem Reap to Chiang Mai 07.14.2016
Chilling in Cambodia 07.13.2016
Angkor Wat 07.13.2016
Travel Day: Hanoi to Siem Reap 07.11.2016
Heating Up in Hanoi 07.10.2016
Hot as Phở in Hanoi 07.09.2016
Lazy Day in Hanoi 07.08.2016
Venturing through Vietnam 07.07.2016
Good Morning, Vietnam! 07.06.2016
Travel Day: Kyoto to Hanoi 07.06.2016
Travel Day: Himeji to Kyoto 07.04.2016
Hot Hot Hot in Himeji 07.03.2016
Travel Day: Takayama to Himeji 07.02.2016
Touring Takayama, Japan 07.01.2016
Travel Day: Kanazawa to Takayama 06.30.2016
Castles in Kanazawa 06.29.2016
Travel Day: Tokyo to Kanazawa 06.29.2016
Tokyo Disneyland 06.28.2016
Touring Tokyo 06.26.2016
Trains, Trains, and Ukai Toriyama...Happy Birthday Heath! 06.25.2016
Tokyo: The Meiji Shrine, Shibuya Crossing, and Tokyo Tower 06.24.2016
The Wedding and Honeymoon 06.23.2016
Late Post: London to LA (and more) 06.23.2016
Last Day in London (and Europe) 12.09.2014
The British Museum 12.08.2014
Travel Day: Oxford to London 12.07.2014
A Day in Oxford 12.07.2014
Exploring Oxford 12.05.2014
Travel Day: Tenby to Oxford 12.04.2014
Travel Day: Conwy to Tenby 12.03.2014
Chilly Day in Conwy 12.02.2014
Travel Day: Cardiff to Conwy 12.01.2014
Travel Day: London to Cardiff 11.30.2014
Loafing and Laughing in London 11.29.2014
Travel Day: Dublin to London 11.28.2014
Happy Thanksgiving from Ireland! 11.27.2014
Dreamy Day in Dublin 11.26.2014
Travel Day: Doolin to Dublin 11.25.2014
Travel Day: Killarney to Doolin 11.24.2014
Travel Day: The Ring of Kerry 11.24.2014
Travel Day: Kilkenny to Blarney 11.22.2014
Travel Day: Paris to Ireland 11.21.2014
Last Day in Paris 11.20.2014
Chilly Day in Paris 11.19.2014
Disneyland Paris! 11.18.2014
Musée de l'Orangerie 11.17.2014
Marché Bastille and Musée d'Orsay 11.16.2014
Lovely Afternoon at the Louvre 11.15.2014
Le Cordon Bleu Part Deux 11.14.2014
Le Cordon Bleu 11.13.2014
Day Trip to Versailles 11.12.2014
Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe 11.11.2014
Rebelution Concert in Paris! 11.11.2014
Paris Saint-Germain! 11.09.2014
Shopping in Paris 11.08.2014
We're ENGAGED!!!! 11.07.2014
Travel Day: Normandy to Paris 11.06.2014
Omaha Beach 11.05.2014
Travel Day: Mont Saint-Michel to Bayeux 11.04.2014
Travel Day: Honfleur to Mont Saint-Michel 11.03.2014
Exploring La Route de Cidre 11.02.2014
Travel Day: Brussels to Honfleur 11.01.2014
Happy Halloween from Belgium! 10.31.2014
Discovering Brussels 10.30.2014
Rainy Day in Brussels 10.29.2014
Ardennes American Military Cemetery 10.28.2014
Mellow Day in Brussels 10.27.2014
Travel Day: Amsterdam to Brussels 10.26.2014
Last Day in Amsterdam 10.25.2014
Another Grey Day in Amsterdam 10.24.2014
The Anne Frank House Museum 10.23.2014
Another Chilly Day in Amsterdam 10.22.2014
Rainy Day in Amsterdam 10.21.2014
Travel Day: Berlin to Amsterdam 10.20.2014
Last Day in Berlin 10.19.2014
Relaxing Day in Berlin 10.18.2014
The Berlin Wall: East Side Gallery 10.17.2014
Long Day in Berlin 10.16.2014
Travel Day: Rothenburg to Berlin 10.15.2014
Last Day in Rothenburg 10.14.2014
Travel Day: Augsburg to Rothenburg 10.13.2014
Travel Day: Reutte to Augsburg 10.12.2014
Exploring Neuschwanstein Castle 10.11.2014
Travel Day: Zurich to Reutte 10.10.2014
Mellow Day in Zurich 10.09.2014
The Eagle's Nest & Dachau 10.08.2014
Travel Day: Vienna to Salzburg 10.07.2014
Vienna: Ballet on a Budget 10.06.2014
Vienna: Schönbrunn Palace 10.05.2014
Travel Day: Prague to Vienna 10.04.2014
Last Day in Prague 10.03.2014
A Lovely Day in Prague 10.02.2014
Perusing Prague 10.01.2014
Travel Day: Munich to Prague 09.30.2014
Last Day in Munich 09.30.2014
Meandering in Munich 09.28.2014
Post-Oktoberfest Recovery Day 09.27.2014
Oktoberfest!!! 09.27.2014
Travel Day: Bordeaux to Munich 09.25.2014
Travel Day: Loire Valley to Bordeaux 09.24.2014
Château de Chenonceau 09.24.2014
An Afternoon at Château de Chambord 09.22.2014
Amboise: Markets and Châteaux 09.21.2014
Lovely Day in Villandry 09.20.2014
Travel Day: Arcachon to the Loire Valley 09.19.2014
Travel Day: Bilbao to Arcachon 09.18.2014
Bilbao: The Guggenheim Museum 09.17.2014
Travel Day: Madrid to Bilbao 09.16.2014
Day Trip to Toledo 09.15.2014
Meandering in Madrid 09.14.2014
Real Madrid! 09.13.2014
Mellow Day in Madrid 09.12.2014
Exploring Madrid 09.11.2014
Travel Day: Sevilla to Madrid 09.10.2014
Last Day in Sevilla 09.09.2014
Exploring Sevilla 09.09.2014
Travel Day: Malaga to Sevilla 09.07.2014
Last Day in Málaga 09.06.2014
Hot Day in Malaga 09.05.2014
Beach Day in Malaga 09.04.2014
Travel Day: Granada to Malaga 09.03.2014
Hanging Out In Granada 09.02.2014
Granada and the Alhambra 09.01.2014
Travel Day: Valencia to Granada 08.31.2014
Beautiful Day in Valencia 08.30.2014
Busy Day in Valencia! 08.29.2014
Mellow Day in Valencia 08.28.2014
La Tomatina! 08.27.2014
Travel Day: Barcelona to Valencia 08.26.2014
Last Day in Barcelona 08.25.2014
FC Barcelona: Messi & Co. 08.24.2014
More Fun in Barcelona: Park Güell 08.23.2014
Stormy Day in Barcelona 08.22.2014
Relaxing day in Barcelona 08.21.2014
Busy Day in Barcelona 08.20.2014
Travel Day: Avignon to Barcelona 08.19.2014
Relaxing Day in Avignon 08.18.2014
L'isle Sur La Sorgue 08.17.2014
Avignon: Market in Arles 08.16.2014
Travel Day: Nice to Avignon 08.15.2014
Nice Day in Nice ;) 08.14.2014
Exciting Day in Nice 08.13.2014
Travel Day: Geneva to Nice 08.12.2014
Last Day in Geneva 08.11.2014
Hanging Out In Geneva 08.10.2014
Travel Day: Lausanne to Geneva 08.09.2014
Refreshing Day in Bern 08.08.2014
Fun Day in Lausanne 08.07.2014
Travel Day: Zurich to Lausanne 08.06.2014
Travel Day: Krakow to Zurich 08.05.2014
Last Day in Krakow 08.04.2014
Memorable Day at Auschwitz 08.03.2014
Travel Day: Warsaw to Krakow 08.02.2014
Another Day in Warsaw 08.02.2014
Hanging Out In Warsaw 07.31.2014
Travel Day: Bergamo to Warsaw 07.30.2014
Travel Day: Cinque Terre to Bergamo 07.29.2014
More Cinque Terre Adventures 07.28.2014
Mellow Day at Home 07.27.2014
Color Run!!! 07.26.2014
Hiking the Cinque Terre 07.25.2014
Relaxing and Rainy Day Outside the Cinque Terre 07.24.2014
Travel Day: Firenze to the Cinque Terre 07.23.2014
Last Day in Florence: The Uffizi Museum 07.23.2014
Rainy Day in Firenze 07.21.2014
Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze: Michelangelo's David 07.20.2014
Travel Day: Toscana to Firenze 07.19.2014
Last Day in Tuscany 07.18.2014
Relaxing Day in Tuscany 07.17.2014
Driving Through the Countryside 07.16.2014
Day Trip to Siena 07.15.2014
Rain, Relaxation, and Family Time 07.14.2014
Mellow Day in Toscana 07.13.2014
Travel Day: Roma to Tuscany 07.12.2014
Last Day in Roma 07.11.2014
Rome: The Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica 07.10.2014
Rome: The Colosseum, the Palatine Hills, and the Roman Forum 07.09.2014
Travel Day: Lucca to Roma 07.08.2014
Last Day in Lucca 07.07.2014
Adventure Time in Lucca 07.06.2014
Loving Lucca 07.05.2014
Travel Day: Venezia to Pisa to Lucca 07.04.2014
Exploring the Canals of Venezia 07.03.2014
Venice: Murano and San Marco Square 07.02.2014
Travel Day: Roma to Venezia 07.01.2014
Roma: The Pantheon and More 06.30.2014
Roaming Around Rome 06.29.2014
Travel Day: Cava to Salerno to Roma 06.28.2014
The Great Pompei! 06.27.2014
Deserted Salerno, Cava, and Everywhere in Between 06.26.2014
Getting Lost in Cava 06.25.2014
Roaming Around Salerno 06.24.2014
Travel Day: Santorini to Rome to Salerno 06.23.2014
Last Day in Santorini 06.22.2014
Kamari...Another Black Sand/Rock Beach 06.21.2014
Perissa: Black Sand Beach in Santorini 06.20.2014
Travel Day: Ferry from Athens to Santorini 06.19.2014
Final Day in Athens: Back to the Acropolis Museum 06.18.2014
Wandering Around Athens: Ancient Ruins and Shopping 06.17.2014
Ancient Athens: The Acropolis and More 06.16.2014
Travel Day: Istanbul to Athens 06.15.2014
Relaxing Day in Istanbul 06.14.2014
Walking Around the Old Town 06.13.2014
Day One of the JKK Adventure! 06.12.2014
Finally in Istanbul! 06.11.2014
Stranded in Malaysia 06.10.2014
Busy in Bangkok 06.09.2014
Bewildered in Bangkok 06.08.2014
Back to Bangkok 06.07.2014
Relaxing Day in Phuket 06.06.2014
Stormy Day on the Andaman Sea 06.05.2014
Travel Day: Taipei to Bangkok to Phuket 06.04.2014
Last Day In Taiwan 06.03.2014
Overnight Trip to Sun Moon Lake :) 06.02.2014
Another Great Day in Taiwan! 06.01.2014
Busy Day in Taipei 05.31.2014
Kyoto --> Osaka --> Taipei 05.30.2014
Kyoto Living 05.29.2014
Fun Fun in Kyoto 05.28.2014
Travel Day: Hakone to Kyoto 05.27.2014
Chilly Day in Hakone 05.26.2014
Travel Day: Tokyo to Hakone 05.25.2014
Ginza 05.24.2014
Tokyo: Day 2 05.23.2014
Kon'nichiwa 05.22.2014
The Adventure Begins... 05.20.2014
One More Week!! 05.13.2014
It's about that time... 04.23.2014